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1. (n.) Any reptile of the order Ophidia; a snake, especially a large snake. See Ophidia.

2. (n.) Fig.: A subtle, treacherous, malicious person.

3. (n.) A species of firework having a serpentine motion as it passes through the air or along the ground.

4. (n.) The constellation Serpens.

5. (n.) A bass wind instrument, of a loud and coarse tone, formerly much used in military bands, and sometimes introduced into the orchestra; -- so called from its form.

6. (v. i.) To wind like a serpent; to crook about; to meander.

7. (v. t.) To wind; to encircle.

Apollyon Beelzebub Benedict Arnold Brutus Judas Judas Iscariot Lucifer Old Nick Old Scratch Quisling Satan alpenhorn alphorn althorn alto horn animal archtraitor ballad horn baritone bass horn beast betrayer brass choir brass wind brass-wind instrument brasses bugle bugle horn clarion cockatrice conniver conspirator conspirer cornet cornet-a-pistons corno di caccia cornopean cur diablo dog double agent double-bell euphonium double-crosser double-dealer euphonium fiend helicon horn hound hunting horn hyena informer insect intrigant intriguer key trumpet lituus lur machinator mellophone mongrel ophicleide ophidian orchestral horn pig pit viper plotter pocket trumpet polecat post horn quisling rat reptile sackbut saxhorn saxtuba schemer sea snake skunk slide trombone sliphorn snake sousaphone swine tenor tuba timeserver traitor treasonist trimmer tromba trombone trumpet tuba turncoat valve trombone valve trumpet varmint vermin viper whelp worm


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