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1. (a.) Abounding with sentences, axioms, and maxims; full of meaning; terse and energetic in expression; pithy; as, a sententious style or discourse; sententious truth.

2. (a.) Comprising or representing sentences; sentential.

Gongoresque Johnsonian Spartan abbreviated abridged admonitory advisory affected allegorical aphoristic aposiopestic associational axiomatic bedizened big-sounding brief brusque cautionary clipped close compact compendious compressed concise condensed connotational connotative consultative consultatory contracted convoluted crisp curt cut declamatory definable denotational denotative didactic directive docked elevated elliptic eloquent epigrammatic euphuistic exhortative exhortatory expostulative expostulatory expressive extended extensional facund figurative flamboyant flaming flashy flaunting formulaic formulistic full of meaning full of point full of substance fulsome garish gaudy gnomic grandiloquent grandiose grandisonant high-flowing high-flown high-flying high-sounding highfalutin hortative hortatory indicative inkhorn instructive intelligible intensional interpretable labyrinthine laconic lexiphanic lofty lurid magniloquent meaning meaningful meaty meretricious metaphorical monitorial monitory moralistic orotund ostentatious overdone overelaborate overinvolved overwrought pedantic piquant pithy platitudinous pointed pompous preachy pregnant pretentious proverbial pruned pungent readable recommendatory referential remonstrant remonstrative remonstratory reserved rhetorical rich sensational sensationalistic short short and sweet shortened showy significant significative sonorous stilted substantial succinct suggestive summary symbolic synopsized taciturn tall terse tight to the point tortuous transferred truncated warning


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