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1. (a.) Having sense of feeling; possessing or exhibiting the capacity of receiving impressions from external objects; as, a sensitive soul.

2. (a.) Having quick and acute sensibility, either to the action of external objects, or to impressions upon the mind and feelings; highly susceptible; easily and acutely affected.

3. (a.) Having a capacity of being easily affected or moved; as, a sensitive thermometer; sensitive scales.

4. (a.) Readily affected or changed by certain appropriate agents; as, silver chloride or bromide, when in contact with certain organic substances, is extremely sensitive to actinic rays.

5. (a.) Serving to affect the sense; sensible.

6. (a.) of or pertaining to sensation; depending on sensation; as, sensitive motions; sensitive muscular motions excited by irritation.

accurate acute adaptable affected agitable algetic allergic anaphylactic angry appreciative attuned aware bendable bending burning censorious chafed choicy choosy cognizant compliant conscientious conscious critical delicate differential discriminate discriminating discriminative disposed distinctive distinguishing ductile edgy elastic emotionable emotional emotionally unstable empathetic empathic eruptive exact exacting excitable explosive exposed extensible extensile fabricable facile fastidious feeling festering fictile fiery fine flexible flexile flexuous formable formative galled giving goosy high-mettled high-spirited high-strung highly emotional hot-tempered hyperesthetic hyperpathic hypersensitive impressed impressible impressionable inclined inflamed inflammable influenced irascible irritable irritated itchy keen knowing like putty limber lissome lithe lithesome malleable meticulous mettlesome miffy moldable nervous nice obnoxious open overrefined oversensible oversensitive overtender particular passible perceiving perceptive perfectionistic perturbable petulant picky plastic pliable pliant precarious precise precisianistic predisposed prickly priggish prone prudish punctilious puristic puritanic quarrelsome quick-tempered rankling raw reactive receptive red refined responsive scrupulous seeing selective sensational sensatory sensible sensile sensimotor sensorial sensorimotor sensory sensual sensuous sentient sequacious shapable sharp skittish smarting soft softhearted sore springy startlish strict subject submissive subtle supersensitive supple susceptible susceptive sympathetic tactful temperamental tender tenderhearted tense testy tetchy thin-skinned ticklish tingling touchy tractable tractile tricky understanding unstable volatile volcanic vulnerable warmhearted whippy willowy yielding


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