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1. (a.) Of or pertaining to sensation; as, sensational nerves.

2. (a.) of or pertaining to sensationalism, or the doctrine that sensation is the sole origin of knowledge.

3. (a.) Suited or intended to excite temporarily great interest or emotion; melodramatic; emotional; as, sensational plays or novels; sensational preaching; sensational journalism; a sensational report.

Barnumesque Gongoresque Johnsonian acid affected amazing arresting astonishing astounding bedizened beguiling bewildering big-sounding biting blatant brazen brazenfaced breathtaking cloak-and-dagger coarse colored colorful conspicuous convoluted cool corrosive crashing crude cutting dandy declamatory divine dramatic driving effective electrifying elevated emotionalistic emotive enigmatic euphuistic exaggerated exceptional exciting exquisite extraordinary extravagant extreme fabulous fantastic fascinating flagrant flamboyant flaming flaring flashy flaunting forceful forcible fulsome galvanizing garish gaudy gilt-edged glaring glorious golden gorgeous grandiloquent grandiose grandisonant great groovy gutsy hair-raising hammy heavenly high-flowing high-flown high-flying high-sounding highfalutin histrionic hot hunky-dory hysteric immense imperative impressive incisive incomprehensible inconceivable incredible inkhorn juicy keen labyrinthine lexiphanic livid lofty loud lurid magnificent magniloquent marked marvelous matchless melodramatic meretricious mind-blowing mind-boggling miraculous mordant nervous nonpareil nonrational obtrusive orotund ostentatious outlandish outstanding overdone overdrawn overelaborate overemotional overinvolved overwrought passing strange pedantic peerless penetrating phenomenal piercing piquant poignant pointed pompous powerful pretentious prodigious prominent punchy pungent puzzling rare remarkable rhetorical rousing salient screaming sensationalistic sensatory sensitive sensorial sensual sententious shameless shocking showy signal sinewed sinewy slashing smash smashing sonorous spectacular spine-chilling splendid splendiferous staggering sterling stilted stimulating stirring strange striking strong stunning stupendous sultry super superb supereminent superexcellent superfine superior tabloid tall tawdry telling terrific theatrical thrilling tortuous tremendous trenchant unbelievable unheard-of unimaginable unique unprecedented unreasoning very good vigorous vital vivid vulgar wonderful wondrous yellow


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