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1. (a.) Relating to signs or indications; pertaining to the language of signs, or to language generally as indicating thought.

2. (a.) of or pertaining to the signs or symptoms of diseases.

3. (a.) Same as Semeiotic.

Aristotelianism Berkeleianism Bohr theory Bradleianism Cynicism Cyrenaic hedonism Cyrenaicism Dirac theory Epicureanism Fichteanism Hegelianism Heideggerianism Heracliteanism Herbartianism Humism Kantianism Leibnizianism Marxism Mimamsa Neo-Hegelianism Neo-Pythagoreanism Neoplatonism Peripateticism Platonism Purva Mimamsa Pyrrhonism Pythagoreanism Sankhya Schellingism Scotism Socratism Sophism Sophistry Spencerianism Stoicism Thomism acosmism agnosticism animalism animatism animism behaviorism commonsense realism correspondence principle cosmotheism criticism deism dialectical materialism dualism earthliness eclecticism egoism empiricism epiphenomenalism ethics eudaemonism existentialism hedonism historical materialism humanism hylomorphism hylotheism hylozoism idealism immaterialism individualism intuitionism law of parity materialism mechanism mentalism monism mysticism natural realism naturalism neocriticism new realism nominalism octet theory ontologism ontology optimism organic mechanism organicism panpsychism pantheism pessimism physicalism physicism pluralism positive philosophy positivism pragmaticism pragmatism psychism psychological hedonism quantum theory rationalism realism representative realism secular humanism secularism semiotic semiotics sensationalism skepticism substantialism syncretism temporality theism transcendentalism utilitarianism voluntarism worldliness


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