1. (n.) Self.

2. (n.) A sill.

3. (n.) A cell; a house.

4. (n.) A saddle for a horse.

5. (n.) A throne or lofty seat.

6. (v. t.) To transfer to another for an equivalent; to give up for a valuable consideration; to dispose of in return for something, especially for money.

7. (v. t.) To make a matter of bargain and sale of; to accept a price or reward for, as for a breach of duty, trust, or the like; to betray.

8. (v. t.) To impose upon; to trick; to deceive; to make a fool of; to cheat.

9. (v. i.) To practice selling commodities.

10. (v. i.) To be sold; as, corn sells at a good price.

11. (n.) An imposition; a cheat; a hoax.

abalienate advertise alien alienate amortize argue into assign assure ballyhoo bark barter be convincing be in be sold bequeath betray bill boost brim bring bring home to bring in bring over bring round bring to reason brink build up bulletin bunker captivate carry carry conviction cater cede charm cheat circularize clear the trade close out coal command con confer consign convert convert into cash convey convict convince convinced cross cry up cut under deal in deceit deception deed deed over deliver demise devolve upon dispose of double-cross draw draw over drive home to dump edge effect a sale enfeoff establish exchange fake feed fetch fill up flimflam flog forage fringe fuel furnish gain gain over gas gas up give give a write-up give away give publicity give title to gross hand hand down hand on hand over handle hawk hem hoax hook hook in inform against inspire belief job lead to believe liquidate make a sale make over market merchandise move negotiate net offer oil outtalk pass pass on pass over peddle perimeter periphery persuade persuaded placard plug post post bills post up press-agent prevail on prevail upon prevail with promote provender provision publicize puff purvey push put across put over put-on realize resell retail return sacrifice satisfy sell for sell off sell on consignment sell one on sell out sell over sell retail sell short sell up sell wholesale selvage settle settle on sham shop sign away sign over skirt spiel spoof stock supply surrender sway talk into talk over tattle on tell on terminate the account top off trade trade in traffic traffic in transfer transmit turn into money turn over undercut undersell unload vend verge victual wangle wangle into wear down wholesale win win over write up yield


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