1. (a.) Taken from a number by preference; picked out as more valuable or excellent than others; of special value or excellence; nicely chosen; selected; choice.

2. (v. t.) To choose and take from a number; to take by preference from among others; to pick out; to cull; as, to select the best authors for perusal.

accepted adopted advert to allude to analyze appoint appointed approved assign be taken as best better carried champion choice choose choose out chosen clannish cliquish closed contradistinguish cream cull dainty decide between delicate demarcate demark denominate denote designate designated determine differentiate discriminate discriminating distinguish divide draw the line elect elected elected by acclamation elegant elite emblematize embraced espoused ethnocentric excellent exceptional excerpt excluding exclusive exclusory exquisite extract fat favored favorite figure fine finest finger first-class first-rate fix flower for the best glean greatest handpick handpicked inadmissible indicate insular limited make a selection mark mark the interface matchless mention name named narrow nominate nominated nonesuch nonpareil opt for optimal optimum ordain ordinate paragon paramount parochial passed peerless pick pick out picked pin down point at point out point to preclusive prefer preferable preferred prescriptive preventive prime privileged prize prohibitive queen quintessence quintessential rare ratified recherche refer to restricted restrictive screen screen out screened seclusive segregate segregative selected selective separate separative set set a limit set apart set off sever severalize sieve sieve out sift sift out signify single out snobbish snobby sort sort out special specialize specify split hairs stand for state stigmatize stipulate subdivide subtilize superior superlative supreme surpassing symbol symbolize tab take the best the best ever the tops the very best top typify unanimously elected unmatchable unmatched unparalleled unsurpassed very best winnow xenophobic


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