1. (n.) The chloride of sodium, a substance used for seasoning food, for the preservation of meat, etc. It is found native in the earth, and is also produced, by evaporation and crystallization, from sea water and other water impregnated with saline particles.

2. (n.) Hence, flavor; taste; savor; smack; seasoning.

3. (n.) Hence, also, piquancy; wit; sense; as, Attic salt.

4. (n.) A dish for salt at table; a saltcellar.

5. (n.) A sailor; -- usually qualified by old.

6. (n.) The neutral compound formed by the union of an acid and a base; thus, sulfuric acid and iron form the salt sulfate of iron or green vitriol.

7. (n.) Fig.: That which preserves from corruption or error; that which purifies; a corrective; an antiseptic; also, an allowance or deduction; as, his statements must be taken with a grain of salt.

8. (n.) Any mineral salt used as an aperient or cathartic, especially Epsom salts, Rochelle salt, or Glauber's salt.

9. (n.) Marshes flooded by the tide.

10. (n.) of or relating to salt; abounding in, or containing, salt; prepared or preserved with, or tasting of, salt; salted; as, salt beef; salt water.

11. (n.) Overflowed with, or growing in, salt water; as, a salt marsh; salt grass.

12. (n.) Fig.: Bitter; sharp; pungent.

13. (n.) Fig.: Salacious; lecherous; lustful.

14. (v. t.) To sprinkle, impregnate, or season with salt; to preserve with salt or in brine; to supply with salt; as, to salt fish, beef, or pork; to salt cattle.

15. (v. t.) To fill with salt between the timbers and planks, as a ship, for the preservation of the timber.

16. (v. i.) To deposit salt as a saline solution; as, the brine begins to salt.

17. (n.) The act of leaping or jumping; a leap.

AB Ancient Mariner Argonaut Attic Atticism Dylan Flying Dutchman Neptune OD Poseidon Tabasco Varuna Worcestershire sauce able seaman able-bodied seaman accumulate adulterate aftertaste agile wit alimentation alimony allspice amass anchovies angelica anhydrate applesauce basil bell pepper bite biting bitter black humor black pepper blast-freeze bluejacket borage brackish brackishness bread brilliant brine brininess briny buccaneer burlesque burnet caper capsicum caraway seeds cardamom caricature catsup cautiously celery salt chervil chili chili sauce chili vinegar chives chutney cinnamon clever cloves comedy condiments cook coriander corn cranberry sauce cubeb cumin cure cured curry dahl sauce deep-sea man dehydrate desiccate dill dillseed doctor doctor accounts doubtfully droll dry dry wit dry-cure dry-salt duck sauce embalm embalming fluid esprit evaporate facetious fagara fair-weather sailor fake farce fennel file fisherman five spice powder flavor formaldehyde freeze freeze-dry fume funny garble accounts garlic garlic butter garlic powder garlic salt ginger green pepper gust hearty hedge garlic hoard horseradish humor humorous humorsome hyssop irony irradiate jack jack afloat jack-tar jacky jerk jesting jocose jocular joking joky joshing juggle keen keen-witted keep kipper lampoon leek limey livelihood liveliness load lobsterman mace maintenance manipulate marinade marinate mariner marjoram matelot mayonnaise mint mordant mummify mustard navigator nimble wit nimble-witted nutmeg old campaigner old hand old pro old salt old sea dog old-timer onion onion salt oregano pack palate paprika parody parsley pep pepper peppercorn peppermint piccalilli pickle pickled pile up pimento pimpernel piquancy pirate plant pleasantry poignancy pointed potherb preservative preservative medium preservatize preserve pretty wit privateer punch pungency pungent quick wit quick-freeze quick-witted radish rapier-like ready wit red pepper refrigerate relish reservedly retouch rig saffron sage sailor salad dressing saline salinity salt away salted saltiness saltish salty sapidity sapor sarcasm satire sauce sauce-alone save up savor savor of wit savoriness savory sceptically scintillating sea dog sea rover seafarer seafaring man seaman season seasoned salt seasoned veteran seasoning sesame oil sesame seeds


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