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(adv.) In a rough manner; unevenly; harshly; rudely; severely; austerely.

about all but all in all all things considered almost altogether approximately approximatively around as a rule as a whole as an approximation as good as at irregular intervals at large at random austerely awkwardly badly broadly broadly speaking brokenly brutally by and large by catches by fits by jerks by snatches capriciously chiefly choppily clumsily coarsely commonly crassly crudely cruelly desultorily disconnectedly discontinuously eccentrically erratically fitfully for practical purposes generally generally speaking grimly grossly haltingly hardly harshly heartlessly improperly in general in round numbers in snatches in spots in the rough inartistically inclemently inconstantly indecently indecorously indelicately inefficiently inelegantly ineptly inexpertly inhumanly intermittently irregularly jaggedly jerkily just about lurchingly mainly maladroitly mercilessly more or less most mostly nearly nonuniformly normally off and on offensively on balance on the whole ordinarily overall painfully patchily pitilessly practically predominantly prevailingly primitively raggedly ribaldly rigorously rough roughly speaking roundly routinely rudely ruthlessly savagely say severely spasmodically speaking generally sporadically spottily sternly stringently uncertainly uncouthly unevenly unkindly unmercifully unmethodically unpredictably unrhythmically unseemly unsparingly unsteadily unsympathetically unsystematically untastefully usually variably violently vulgarly well-nigh whimsically wobblingly


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