1. (a.) Full of, or abounding in, rocks; consisting of rocks; as, a rocky mountain; a rocky shore.

2. (a.) Like a rock; as, the rocky orb of a shield.

3. (a.) Fig.: Not easily impressed or affected; hard; unfeeling; obdurate; as, a rocky bosom.

adamant adamantine ailing apathetic arduous bad below par bony bumpy callous cement cemental certain cold concrete cool corneous corrugated cragged craggy crinkled critically ill crumpled crystal crystalline degage dense dependable detached determined diamondlike difficult dilapidated doddering doubtful down dubious dure emotionless faint faintish feeling awful feeling faint feeling something terrible firm flimsy flintlike flinty granitelike granitic gravelly gritty groggy hard hard as nails hardhearted harsh horny iffy ill impassive in danger indifferent indisposed insecure invariable invariant iron-hard ironbound ironlike jagged jaggy laid low lapideous lithoid lithoidal marble marblelike monolithic mortally ill not quite right obdurate off-color osseous out of sorts pebbled pebbly porphyritic questionable ragged ramshackle reliable resistant resistive resolute ricketish rickety rock-ribbed rock-strewn rock-studded rockbound rocklike rugged rugose rugous sandy saw-toothed sawtooth scragged scraggly scraggy seedy serrate serrated shaky shingled shingly sick sick unto death sickish snagged snaggled snaggy solid spidery spindly staunch steadfast steady steellike steely stonelike stony sure taken ill teetering teetery thick-skinned tottering tottery tough trachytic treacherous tumbledown unbending uncaring uncertain unchanging uncomfortable undependable under the weather unemotional unfaltering unfeeling unflinching unhealthy unpredictable unreliable unsafe unsound unstable unsteady unsure unsympathetic untrustworthy unvarying unwavering unwell unyielding vacillating weak wobbling wobbly wrinkled


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