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1. (a.) Having the right or just claim; as, the rightful owner; being or holding by right; as, the rightful heir to a throne or an estate; a rightful king.

2. (a.) Righteous; upright; just; good; -- said of persons.

3. (a.) Consonant to justice; just; as, a rightful cause.

4. (a.) Belonging, held, or possessed by right, or by just claim; as, a rightful inheritance; rightful authority.

according to Hoyle actionable applicable appropriate apt authentic authorized balanced becoming befitting bona fide candid card-carrying competent condign constitutional correct de jure decent decorous defensible deserved dinkum due equitable even evenhanded fair fair and square fit fitting following the letter genuine good honest honest-to-God impartial inartificial judicial juridical just justiciable justifiable justified kosher lawful lawmaking legal legislative legit legitimate level licit lifelike literal meet meet and right merited natural naturalistic nice normal normative original proper pure real realistic requisite right right and proper righteous sanctioned seemly simon-pure simple sincere square statutory sterling suitable sure-enough TRUE true to life true to nature true to reality unadulterated unaffected unassumed unassuming uncolored unconcocted uncopied uncounterfeited undisguised undisguising undistorted unexaggerated unfabricated unfanciful unfeigned unfeigning unfictitious unflattering unimagined unimitated uninvented unpretended unpretending unqualified unromantic unsimulated unspecious unsynthetic unvarnished valid verbal verbatim veridical verisimilar warrantable warranted within the law word-for-word


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