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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Revolve.

2. (a.) Making a revolution or revolutions; rotating; -- used also figuratively of time, seasons, etc., depending on the revolution of the earth.

TLC Trinkgeld accent accommodatingness account action admiration adoration advertence advertency advisement agreeableness airing alertness ambition amends analysis anticipation apotheosis application appreciation approbation approval argument argumentum aspiration assiduity assiduousness assumption atonement attention attention span attentiveness attitude award awareness awe baksheesh balance ballast basis blood money bonus bounty breathless adoration bribe brooding buzz session calling canvassing care carefulness caring case cause caution circumspection circumspectness climate of opinion cogitation colloquium common belief community sentiment compassion compensation complaisance conceit concentration concept conception concern concernment conclusion condemnation conference cons consciousness consensus gentium consequence consequentiality considerateness contemplation cool judgment counsel counterbalance counterpoise counterweight courtesy credit damages debate debating decision decree deference deification deliberation delicacy deliverance determination diagnosis dialectic dialogue dictum diligence discreetness discretion discrimination discussion donative doom double time duty ear earnestness elenchus emolument emphasis equipoise equivalent esteem estimate estimation ethos exaggerated respect examination excellence exchange of views eye favor fee feeling finding forbearance forethought forum general belief give-and-take goal good judgment gratuity gravy grease great respect ground guerdon guiding light guiding star heed heedfulness helpfulness hero worship high order high rank high regard homage honor honorarium idea ideal idolatry idolization ignoratio elenchi import importance impression incentive pay indemnification indemnity inducement indulgence inspiration intention intentiveness intentness interest investigation joint discussion judgment judiciousness kindliness kindness lagniappe largess leniency liberality lights lodestar logical analysis logical discussion loving care lucubration mainspring makeweight mark materiality matter meditation meed mercy merit mind mindfulness moment motive musing mystique note notice notion obligingness observance observation offset open discussion open forum opinion order palm oil panel discussion paramountcy payment perks perquisite personal judgment plaidoyer plea pleading point of view policy polity pondering popular belief position posture pourboire precedence precedent preeminence premium preparedness prestige presumption prevailing belief price primacy principle priority prognosis pronouncement pros pros and cons providence prudence


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