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1. (a.) Of or pertaining to a revolution in government; tending to, or promoting, revolution; as, revolutionary war; revolutionary measures; revolutionary agitators.

2. (n.) A revolutionist.

Bolshevik Bolshevist Bolshie Carbonarist Carbonaro Castroist Castroite Charley Communist Cong Fabian Fenian Guevarist Jacobin Leninist Mafioso Maoist Marxist Mau-Mau Puritan Red Red Republican Roundhead Sinn Feiner Trotskyist Trotskyite VC Vietcong Wobbly Yankee Yankee Doodle Young Turk agitator altered anarch anarchist anarchistic anarcho-syndicalist antagonistic antipathetic authentic avant-garde beast beldam berserk berserker better bomber bonnet rouge brawler breakaway brute cataclysmic catastrophic changeable changed clashing conflicting contradicting contradictory converted corrective counteractant counteracting counteractive countervailing counterworking cranky creative criminal syndicalist crotchety degenerate demon deviant devil different disorderly dissident divergent dragon emendatory extreme extreme left-winger extremist extremistic factious fanatic fiend fire-eater firebrand firsthand fresh frondeur fury goon gorilla gradualistic gunsel hardnose hell-raiser hellcat hellhound hellion holy terror hood hoodlum hostile hothead hotspur imaginative improved incendiary inimical innovative insubordinate insurgent insurrectionary insurrectionist insurrecto killer left-wing extremist lunatic fringe mad dog madcap malcontent maverick meliorist melioristic metamorphosed metastasized mild radical mildly radical modified monster mugger mutant mutineer mutineering mutinous new nihilist nihilistic nonconformist novel obstreperous opposing oppositional oppugnant original parlor Bolshevik parlor pink perverse pink pinko progressionist progressist progressive progressivist qualified rabid radical rampant rapist reactionary rebel rebellious rebuilt recalcitrant red reformational reformative reformatory reformed reformer reformist reformistic renewed renitent repugnant resistant revisional revisionist revisory revived revolter revolutional revolutionary junta revolutioner revolutionist revolutionizer revulsionary revulsive rioter riotous sans-culotte sans-culottist savage seditionary seditious she-wolf spitfire subversive sweeping syndicalist termagant terror terrorist tiger tigress tough tough guy traitor traitorous transformed transilient translated transmuted treasonable turbulent ugly customer ultra ultraconservative ultraist ultraistic unbridled underived unique unmitigated unruly utopian utopist violent virago vixen wild wild beast witch wolf worse yippie


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