(v. t.) To face, as an embankment, with masonry, wood, or other material.

American Stock Exchange Amex Areopagus British Cabinet C ration K ration L R Sanhedrin US Cabinet Wall Street aboard accommodate accommodation accommodations acting area advisers advisory body allotment allowance ambo apron apron stage assembly association back backstage band shell bandstand bank bar beam bed bed and board bench bestow bestraddle bestride billet board and room board of directors board of regents board of trustees boarding body of advisers boom border bordure borough council bourse brain trust bread bread and butter break bread with breakfast brick bridge brim brink brow buffet cabinet cadre camarilla care for cast loose chamber cheer cherish city council clap on ratlines clapboard clear hawse climb on coast college board comestibles committee commodity exchange common council commons conference congress consultative assembly cook out cord cordwood corn pit coulisse council council fire council of ministers council of state council of war counter county council court creature comfort cuisine curb curb exchange curb market curia cut loose daily bread deal deliberative assembly desk diet dine dine out dinner directorate directors directorship directory divan dock domicile dressing room driftwood eat eat out eatables edge edibles embark embark on embus emergency rations emplane enplane enter entertain entertainment entrain escalade escritoire exchange exchange floor executive arm executive committee executive hierarchy face facilities fare fast food feast featheredge feed field rations firewood flange flies fly floor fly gallery fodder food food and drink foodstuff footlights forage foray forestage forum frame fringe furnish accommodations get in get on glass glaze go aboard go on board go on shipboard governing board governing body grass gratify graze greenroom grid gridiron hardwood haul haul down health food heave heave apeak heave round heave short hem hop in house hut infrastructure ingesta inquisition inroad interlocking directorate inundate invade judicatory judicature judiciary jump in junk food junta kedge keep kitchen cabinet kitchen stuff labellum labium labrum lath lathing lathwork lay lay aloft lectern ledge legislature lightboard limb limbus lip list live lodge lodgings log lumber lunch mahogany make a raid make an inroad management marge margin meal meals meat mess mess with mount nurture on on board orchestra orchestra pit outside market over-the-counter market overwhelm


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