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(a.) Alt. of Retroflexed.

accented allophone alveolar apical apico-alveolar apico-dental arch articulated articulation aspiration assimilated assimilation back backslide barytone bend bend back bilabial bow broad cacuminal central cerebral check checked close cock consonant consonantal continuant crook curl curve decurve deflect dental diphthong dissimilated dissimilation dome dorsal embow epenthetic vowel explosive fall astern fall behind flat flex front get behind glide glossal glottal glottalization go backwards go behind guttural hard heavy high hook hump hunch incurvate incurve inflect intonated jerk back labial labialization labiodental labiovelar lapse laryngeal lateral lax light lingual liquid loop lose ground low manner of articulation mid modification monophthong monophthongal morphophoneme mute muted narrow nasal nasalized occlusive open oxytone palatal palatalized parasitic vowel peak pharyngeal pharyngealization pharyngealized phone phoneme phonemic phonetic phonic pitch pitched plosive posttonic prothetic vowel pull back recede recidivate recurve reflect reflex regress relapse retrocede retrograde retrogress return revert round rounded sag segmental phoneme semivowel slip back soft sonant sonority speech sound stop stopped stressed strong surd swag sweep syllabic syllabic nucleus syllabic peak syllable tense thick throaty tonal tonic transition sound triphthong turn twangy unaccented unrounded unstressed vault velar vocable vocalic vocoid voice voiced voiced sound voiceless voiceless sound voicing vowel vowellike weak wide wind


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