1. (n.) A summing up; a condensed statement; an abridgment or brief recapitulation.

2. (v. t.) To take back.

3. (v. t.) To enter upon, or take up again.

4. (v. t.) To begin again; to recommence, as something which has been interrupted; as, to resume an argument or discourse.

Clio Muse of history adventures annals autobiography battologize begin again biographical sketch biography carry on case history chronicle chronicles chronology come again come up again confessions continue copy core critique curriculum vitae diary dwelling upon echo elaboration epitome essence experiences fill fortunes get back gist give an encore go back go back to go on go over go through going over hagiography hagiology have another shot have another try historiography history iterate iteration journal keep coming keep up legend life life and letters life story main point martyrology meat memoir memoirs memorabilia memorial memorials necrology obituary pad photobiography pick up pith practice practicing profile ransom reaffirm reaffirmation reappear reassert rebegin recap recapitulate recapitulation recapture recital recite reclaim recommence record recount recountal recounting recoup recover recuperate recur redeem reenter regain rehash rehearsal rehearse reissue reiterate reiteration renew renovate reoccupy reoccur reopen repeat replevin replevy repossess reprint resound restate restatement restore retail retake retell retelling retrieve return return to reverberate revert review revindicate revive reword run over run-through rundown say over say over again start all over story substance sum sum and substance sum up summarize summary summation summing up summing-up take back take up take up again tautologize theory of history


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