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1. (a.) Noticing with attention; hence, careful; wary; considerate.

2. (a.) Looking toward; having reference to; relative, not absolute; as, the respective connections of society.

3. (a.) Relating to particular persons or things, each to each; particular; own; as, they returned to their respective places of abode.

4. (a.) Fitted to awaken respect.

5. (a.) Rendering respect; respectful; regardful.

absolute certain common communal commutual concrete conjoint corresponding defined definite detailed determinate different distinct distinguished distributional distributive equal esoteric especial even stephen exceptional express extraordinary fifty-fifty fixed half half-and-half halvers individual inner intimate joint minute mutual noteworthy own particular per capita per head personal pertinent precise private pro rata proportional proportionate prorated relevant separate several singular solipsistic special specific two-way


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