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1. (v. t.) To take notice of; to regard with special attention; to regard as worthy of special consideration; hence, to care for; to heed.

2. (v. t.) To consider worthy of esteem; to regard with honor.

3. (v. t.) To look toward; to front upon or toward.

4. (v. t.) To regard; to consider; to deem.

5. (v. t.) To have regard to; to have reference to; to relate to; as, the treaty particularly respects our commerce.

6. (n.) The act of noticing with attention; the giving particular consideration to; hence, care; caution.

7. (v.) Esteem; regard; consideration; honor.

8. (n.) An expression of respect of deference; regards; as, to send one's respects to another.

9. (v.) Reputation; repute.

10. (v.) Relation; reference; regard.

11. (v.) Particular; point regarded; point of view; as, in this respect; in any respect; in all respects.

12. (v.) Consideration; motive; interest.

Anschauung OK abide by accept acceptance accord respect to accordance account acquittal acquittance act up to adhere to adherence admiration admire adoration adore advertence advertency affability affect agreeableness alertness allegiance amenity an in angle angle of vision answer to apotheosize appertain to applicability application apply to appositeness appreciate appreciation approbation approval approve approve of article aspect assiduity assiduousness assigned task attend to attention attention span attentiveness attribute awareness awe basis be faithful to be thoughtful of bear on bear upon bearing belong to best wishes bless blessing bounden duty burden business call of duty care carrying out case characteristic charge civility comity commitment comparison complaisance compliance compliments comply with concentration concern concernment configuration conform to conformance conformity connect connection consciousness consider considerateness consideration correspond to count countenance courteousness courtesy credit datum deal with dedication defer to deference deify detail devoir devoirs devotion diligence discharge do justice to duties and responsibilities duty ear earnestness effect eidolon element endorse endorsement entertain respect for espial espionage esteem estimation ethics etiquette exalt execution eye facet fact factor fashion favor favorable regard favorable vote fealty fear feature fellow feeling figure fill follow footing form frame of reference framework friendly relations fulfill fulfillment germaneness gestalt good graces good terms good understanding good wishes goodwill gracefulness graciousness greetings guise harmony have connection with have regard for heed heedfulness heeding hero-worship hold by hold in esteem hold in reverence hold with homage honor idolize image imago imperative impression incidental instance intentiveness intentness interest involve item keep keep faith with keep in countenance keeping liaise with light likeness line of duty lineaments link with live up to look look up to looking lookout loyalty make good manner materiality matter meet mental outlook mindfulness minor detail minutia minutiae mission must mutual regard nod note notice obey obligation observance observation observe onus ought outlook particular pay attention to pay homage to performance pertain to pertinence phase phasis place point point of view politeness position practice prize property quality rapport refer to reference reference system regard regardfulness regards relate to relatedness


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