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1. (a.) Making resistance; resisting.

2. (n.) One who, or that which, resists.

against airtight antagonistic antipathetic at odds averse ballproof beyond control bombproof bony breachy breakaway bulletproof burglarproof cartilaginous cement cemental chewy clashing cohesive complaining concrete conflicting contradicting contradictory contumacious coriaceous corneous corrosionproof counteractant counteracting counteractive countervailing counterworking cranky crotchety cursory dampproof defiant dense diamondlike differing disagreeing disinclined disobedient disputatious disputing dissentient dissenting dissident durable dure fibrous fire-resisting fireproof flameproof flintlike flinty foolproof forced fractious granitelike granitic gristly hard hard as nails hardhearted hardy hermetic holeproof horny hostile immovable immune impervious impervious to incorrigible indisposed indocile indomitable inimical insuppressible intractable intransigent involuntary iron-hard ironlike irrepressible lapideous lasting leakproof leatherlike leathery lithoid lithoidal marble marblelike mutinous noiseproof nonconformist noncooperative nonsusceptible to disease obdurate objecting obstinate obstreperous obstructive on the barricades opposed opposing oppositional oppugnant osseous out of hand perfunctory perverse proof proof against protesting punctureproof reactionary rebellious recalcitrant refractory reluctant renitent repellent repugnant resisting resistive restive retardant retardative revolutionary rocklike rocky ropy rustproof shatterproof shedding shellproof shrewish sinewy solid soundproof steellike steely stiff stonelike stony stringy strong stubborn sulky sullen tenacious tight tough tough as leather unaffected unbiddable uncompliant unconsenting uncontrollable uncooperative ungovernable unmalleable unmanageable unmoldable unruly unsubmissive untiring unwilling unyielding up in arms vigorous viscid watertight weatherproof wild wiry withstanding


Resistance To Change
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