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(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Request.

Angelus Ave Ave Maria Hail Mary Kyrie Eleison Paternoster acceptability adjuration adjure adorability agacerie agreeability aid prayer allure allurement amiability appeal motion appeal to appealingness application application for retrial apply asking attract attraction attractiveness be attractive beadroll beads beckon beg beguile beguilement beguiling beseech beseechment bewitchery bewitchment bid bidding prayer blandishment brace breviary cajolery call call for help call on call upon captivation certiorari chaplet charisma charm charmingness clamor clamor for collect come-hither communion conjure contemplation crave cry cry for cry on cry to delightfulness desirability devotions draw drawing power enchantment engage enravishment enthrallment enticement entrancement entrapment entreat entreaty excite exquisiteness fascinate fascination fetch flirtation forbidden fruit glamour grace impetrate impetration imploration implore imploring importune imprecate imprecation inducement intercession interest intrigue inveiglement invitation invite invitingness invocation invocatory plea invoke kneel to likability litany lovability loveliness lovesomeness lure luxury magnetism meditation obsecration obtest obtestation orison petition plea plead plead for pleasantness please pray prayer prayer wheel provocativeness pull request requesting rogation rosary run to seducement seduction seductiveness sensuousness sex appeal silent prayer snaring solicit solicitation sue sue for suit summon supplicate supplication sweetness tantalization tantalize tantalizingness tease tempt temptation temptingness thanks thanksgiving tickle titillate unobjectionableness voluptuousness whet the appetite winning ways winningness winsomeness witchcraft witchery wooing writ of certiorari writ of error


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