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1. (a.) Fitted to represent; exhibiting a similitude.

2. (a.) Bearing the character or power of another; acting for another or others; as, a council representative of the people.

3. (a.) Conducted by persons chosen to represent, or act as deputies for, the people; as, a representative government.

4. (a.) Serving or fitted to present the full characters of the type of a group; typical; as, a representative genus in a family.

5. (a.) Similar in general appearance, structure, and habits, but living in different regions; -- said of certain species and varieties.

6. (a.) Giving, or existing as, a transcript of what was originally presentative knowledge; as, representative faculties; representative knowledge. See Presentative, 3 and Represent, 8.

7. (n.) One who, or that which, represents (anything); that which exhibits a likeness or similitude.

8. (n.) An agent, deputy, or substitute, who supplies the place of another, or others, being invested with his or their authority.

9. (n.) One who represents, or stands in the place of, another.

10. (n.) A member of the lower or popular house in a State legislature, or in the national Congress.

11. (n.) That which presents the full character of the type of a group.

12. (n.) A species or variety which, in any region, takes the place of a similar one in another region.

MP Member of Congress Member of Parliament acting advocate agent alderman alter ego alternate alternative ambassador amicus curiae analogy antetype antitype apish archetypal archetype assemblyman attorney backup backup man badge banner biotype case case history case in point catchpole champion change changeling character characteristic chosen chosen freeholder city father classic classic example classical commissioner comparison congressman congresswoman connotative copy councilman counterfeit criterion cross section delegate delineative delineatory democratic demonstration demonstrative denominative denotative depictive deputative deputy descriptive designative device diagnostic differentia double dummy earmark echoic elected emblem emblematic embodiment embodying emissary envoy epitome equal equivalent ersatz evidential evocative example exchange executive officer exemplar exemplary exemplification exhibitive explanation exponent expositive expressive faithful fake figural figurative figurehead fill-in floor leader fugleman fugler genotype ghost ghostwriter graphic hallmark ideal identifying ideographic idiosyncrasy idiosyncratic illustration illustrational illustrative image imitatee imitation imitative implicative incarnating index indicant indicating indicative indicator indicatory individual insignia instance keynote lawgiver lawmaker lead legate legislator lieutenant lifelike limning locum locum tenens majority leader makeshift mark meaningful measure metaphor metaphorical metonymy mimetic mimish minority leader mirror missionary model naming naturalistic next best thing note object lesson onomatopoeic original paradigm paradigmatic paranymph party whip pathognomonic pattern peculiar peculiarity personifying personnel phony pictographic pictorial picture pinch hitter pleader portraying precedent precedential procurator property prototypal prototype proxy quintessential realistic relevant instance relief rep replacement representation representational representing reserves ringer rule sample sampling seal second in command second string secondary semantic semiotic senator sigil sign signal signalizing signature significant significative signifying simulative solon spares specimen spokesman spokeswoman stamp stand-in standard state senator sub substituent substitute substitution succedaneum suggestive superseder supplanter sure sign surrogate symbol symbolic symbolistic symbolizing symbological symptom symptomatic symptomatologic synecdoche telltale sign third string token trait true to life type type species type specimen typical


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