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1. (v. t.) To take or get back, by a writ for that purpose (goods and chattels wrongfully taken or detained), upon giving security to try the right to them in a suit at law, and, if that should be determined against the plaintiff, to return the property replevied.

2. (v. t.) To bail.

3. (n.) Replevin.

L abstract accession accessory accompaniment accroach acquire add addenda addendum additament addition additive additory additum adjoin adjunct adjuvant affix agglutinate anchor and annexation appanage append appendage appendant appropriate appurtenance appurtenant arm arrogate associate attach attachment augment augmentation bag belay block boost borrow burden cabbage cement cinch clamp clinch coda collar collectivize commandeer communalize communize complement complicate concomitant confiscate conjoin connect continuation cop corollary cramp crib decorate defraud distrain ell embezzle encumber engraft expropriate extension extort extrapolation fasten filch fix fixture gain garnish get at get hold of glom on to glue on grab graft grapple have hitch on hook impound impress increase increment infix join join with knit land lay hands on levy lift link make fast make off with moor nationalize nip obtain offshoot ornament palm paste on pendant pick up pilfer pinch plus poach postfix preempt prefix press procure purloin put to put with reinforcement replevin replevy run away with rustle saddle with screw up scrounge secure seize sequester sequestrate set set to shoplift side effect side issue slap on snare snatch snitch socialize steal subjoin suffix superadd superpose supplement swindle swipe tack on tag tag on tailpiece take take on take over take possession take up thieve tighten trice up trim undergirding unite unite with walk off with wing


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