◄ Replevin ►

1. (n.) A personal action which lies to recover possession of goods and chattel wrongfully taken or detained. Originally, it was a remedy peculiar to cases for wrongful distress, but it may generally now be brought in all cases of wrongful taking or detention.

2. (n.) The writ by which goods and chattels are replevied.

3. (v. t.) To replevy.

annex attach bail bond collectivize commandeer communalize communize confiscate distrain earnest earnest money escrow expropriate gage garnish get back handsel hock hostage impound impress levy mainprise nationalize pawn pignus pledge press ransom recapture reclaim reclaiming reclamation recognizance recoup recoupment recover recovery recuperate recuperation redeem redemption regain regainment renovate reoccupation reoccupy replevy repossess repossession restoration restore resume resumption retake retaking retrieval retrieve revindicate revindication revival revive salvage sequester sequestrate socialize surety take back token payment trover undertaking vadimonium vadium


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