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1. (n.) Something remembered; a person or thing kept in memory\.

2. (n.) The act of remembering; a holding in mind, or bringing to mind; recollection.

3. (n.) The state of being remembered, or held in mind; memory; recollection.

4. (n.) That which serves to keep in or bring to mind; a memorial; a token; a memento; a souvenir; a memorandum or note of something to be remembered.

5. (n.) Something to be remembered; counsel; admonition; instruction.

6. (n.) Power of remembering; reach of personal knowledge; period over which one's memory extends.

Mnemosyne affect memory aide-memoire anamnesis anniversaries anterograde memory arch atavism barrow best love best regards best wishes boundary stone brass bust cairn celebrating celebration cenotaph ceremony collective memory column commemoration commitment to memory compliments computer memory cromlech cross cue cup cyclolith devoirs disk memory dolmen dressing ship drum memory egards emotional response engram exercise of memory fanfare fanfaronade favor festivity flapper flashback flourish of trumpets footstone gift good wishes grave gravestone greetings headstone heroic legend hindsight hint hoarstone holiday immortal name immortality information storage inscription jogger jubilee keepsake kind regards kindest regards kinesthetic memory learning by heart legend looking back love marker marking the occasion mausoleum megalith memento memento mori memoir memorabilia memorandum memorial memorial arch memorial column memorial statue memorial stone memorialization memorials memories memorization memorizing memory memory bank memory circuit memory trace menhir mind mneme monolith monument mound necrology obelisk obituary observance ovation pillar plaque present prize prompt prompter prompting pyramid race memory recall recalling recollecting recollection reconsideration reexperiencing reflection regards rejoicing relic religious rites reliquary reliving remembering remembrancer remembrances reminder reminiscence respects retrospect retrospection revel review revival ribbon rite ritual observance rostral column rote rote memory salute salvo screen memory shaft shrine skill solemn observance solemnization souvenir stela stone study stupa tablet tape memory testimonial testimonial banquet testimonial dinner tickler toast token token of remembrance tomb tombstone tope tribute triumph trophy undying fame verbal response visual memory youth


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