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1. (v. t.) To lease again; to grant a new lease of; to let back.

2. (n.) To let loose again; to set free from restraint, confinement, or servitude; to give liberty to, or to set at liberty; to let go.

3. (n.) To relieve from something that confines, burdens, or oppresses, as from pain, trouble, obligation, penalty.

4. (n.) To let go, as a legal claim; to discharge or relinquish a right to, as lands or tenements, by conveying to another who has some right or estate in possession, as when the person in remainder releases his right to the tenant in possession; to quit.

5. (n.) To loosen; to relax; to remove the obligation of; as, to release an ordinance.

6. (n.) The act of letting loose or freeing, or the state of being let loose or freed; liberation or discharge from restraint of any kind, as from confinement or bondage.

7. (n.) Relief from care, pain, or any burden.

8. (n.) Discharge from obligation or responsibility, as from debt, penalty, or claim of any kind; acquittance.

9. (n.) A giving up or relinquishment of some right or claim; a conveyance of a man's right in lands or tenements to another who has some estate in possession; a quitclaim.

10. (n.) The act of opening the exhaust port to allow the steam to escape.

OK abandonment abjuration absolution absolve accord account acknowledgment acquaintance acquit acquittal acquittance admission admit advice allow allowance amnesty annihilation announcement bane biological death blue book boot bounce break break loose break out break up breakout breakup briefing bulletin bump bust can canceled check cashier cast loose cast off catharsis cessation of life cession charter circulate cleanse cleanse away cleansing clear clearance clearing clinical death come out with communication communique compurgation consent crossing the bar curtains cut loose data datum deactivate deactivation death death knell debrief debt of nature decease decontaminate defrock degrade deliver deliverance delivery demise demob demobilization demobilize demote departure deplume depose deprive destigmatization destigmatize destigmatizing detach detachment diaspora diplomatic immunity directory disband disbandment disbar discharge disculpation disembarrass disembroil disemploy disengage disentangle disintegrate disintegration disinvolve dislodge dismiss dismissal disorganization disorganize dispatch dispensation dispense dispense from dispense with dispersal disperse dispersion displace displume disposal disposition disseminate dissolution dissolve distribute doff doom drum out dumping dying ebb of life emancipate emancipation embassy emergence emotional release end end of life ending enlightenment escape escapism eternal rest evasion evidence except exception exculpate exculpation excuse exempt exempt from exemption exit exonerate exoneration expel expiration express extinction extinguishment extract extricate extrication facts factual information familiarization final summons finger of death fire flight forgive forgiveness forgoing forswearing franchise free free from freedom freeing furlough gen general information get out getaway getting rid of give absolution give dispensation from give leave give off give out give permission give release give respite give the ax give the gate give the go-ahead give the word giving up go bail for go separate ways going going off grant grant amnesty to grant bail to grant immunity grant remission grave guidebook hand of death hand out handout hard information immunity incidental information info information instruction intelligence intermission intermit issuance issue jailbreak jaws of death justify kick kick upstairs knell knowledge last debt last muster last rest last roundup last sleep launch lay off leak leakage leave leave go leaving life legislative immunity let let go let go free let loose let loose of let off let out letter letting go


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