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1. (n.) The act of reforming, or the state of being reformed; change from worse to better; correction or amendment of life, manners, or of anything vicious or corrupt; as, the reformation of manners; reformation of the age; reformation of abuses.

2. (n.) Specifically (Eccl. Hist.), the important religious movement commenced by Luther early in the sixteenth century, which resulted in the formation of the various Protestant churches.

Fabianism abject apology about-face accommodation adaptation adjustment adoption alteration amelioration amendment apology apostasy betterment break change change of allegiance change of heart change of mind changeableness circumcision constructive change continuity conversion deathbed repentance defection degeneration degenerative change deterioration deviation difference discontinuity divergence diversification diversion diversity extremism fitting flip-flop gradual change gradualism heartfelt apology improvement instauration mea culpa melioration meliorism mitigation modification modulation new birth new life overthrow penance penitence progressivism qualification radical change radical reform radicalism re-creation reactivation realignment rebirth reclamation reconstitution reconversion recrudescence redeemedness redemption redesign redintegration reenactment reestablishment reform reformism regeneration rehabilitation reinstatement reinstation reinstitution reinvestiture reinvestment remaking renascence renewal repentance replacement reshaping restitution restoration restructuring reversal reversion revisionism revival revivification revolution saeta salvation second birth shift spiritual purification sudden change switch total change transformation transition turn turnabout upheaval utopianism variation variety violent change wearing a hairshirt worsening


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