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1. (n.) A person who lives in seclusion, as a hermit or monk\; specifically, one of a class of secluded devotees who live in single cells, usually attached to monasteries.

2. (a.) Shut up; sequestered; retired from the world or from public notice; solitary; living apart; as, a recluse monk or hermit; a recluse life.

3. (n.) The place where a recluse dwells.

4. (v. t.) To shut up; to seclude.

Diogenes Hieronymian Hieronymite Timon of Athens anchoress anchorite anchoritic ascetic bedridden invalid cenobite character cloistered cloistered monk closet cynic crackpot crank desert fathers desert saints domestic eccentric eremite eremitic erratic flake freak hermetic hermit hermitess hermitic hermitish homebody invalid isolationist kook loner marabout monk nonconformist nun nut oddball outcast pariah pillar saint pillarist screwball secluse seclusionist seclusive sequestered shut in shut up shut-in solitaire solitary solitudinarian stay-at-home strange duck stylite weirdo


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