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1. (a.) Mutually interchangeable; done by each to the other; alternate; as reciprocal agreements\.

2. (a.) Done by each to the other; interchanging or interchanged; given and received; due from each to each; mutual; as, reciprocal love; reciprocal duties.

3. (a.) Mutually interchangeable.

4. (a.) Reflexive; -- applied to pronouns and verbs, but sometimes limited to such pronouns as express mutual action.

5. (a.) Used to denote different kinds of mutual relation; often with reference to the substitution of reciprocals for given quantities.

6. (n.) That which is reciprocal to another thing.

7. (n.) The quotient arising from dividing unity by any quantity; thus, / is the reciprocal of 4; 1/(a +b) is the reciprocal of a + b. The reciprocal of a fraction is the fraction inverted, or the denominator divided by the numerator.

algorismic algorithmic aliquot ally alter ego alternate analogon analogous analogue answering associate associated back-and-forth beating brother cardinal changeable circling close copy close match coacting coactive coadjutant coadjuvant coefficient coequal cognate collaborative collective collectivist collectivistic collusive combined commensal common communal communalist communalistic communist communistic communitarian commutable commutative commutual companion compensatory complement complemental complementary concerted concordant concurrent concurring congenator congener conjoint conniving convertible cooperant cooperating cooperative coordinate correlate correlative correspondent corresponding counterpart cyclic decimal differential digital double duplicate ecumenic epochal equal equalizing equipollent equivalent even every other exchanged exponential fellow figural figurate figurative finite fractional general give-and-take harmonious harmonized homologous image imaginary impair impossible in common infinite integral interchangeable interchanged intermittent irrational isochronal joint kindred spirit like likeness logarithmic logometric match mate measured metronomic mutual near duplicate negative noncompetitive numeral numerary numerative numeric obverse odd ordinal oscillatory pair parallel pendant periodical permutable picture popular positive possible prime public pulsing punitive radical rational real reciprocating reciprocative recompensing recompensive recurrent recurring reparative restitutive retaliative retaliatory retributive retributory returnable rhythmic rotary seasonal second self seesaw serial shared similitude simulacrum sine wave sister social socialistic societal soul mate standard steady submultiple such suchlike surd swapped switched symbiotic synergetic synergic synergistic tally tantamount the like of the likes of to-and-fro traded transcendental transposed twin uncompetitive undulant undulatory up-and-down wavelike wheeling


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