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1. (n.) The act of rebelling; open and avowed renunciation of the authority of the government to which one owes obedience, and resistance to its officers and laws, either by levying war, or by aiding others to do so; an organized uprising of subjects for the purpose of coercing or overthrowing their lawful ruler or government by force; revolt; insurrection.

2. (v. i.) Open resistance to, or defiance of, lawful authority.

anarchism anarcho-syndicalism anarchy antinomianism chaos civil disorder confusion contumacy criminal syndicalism defiance disobedience disorder disorderliness disorganization disruption emeute general uprising insubordination insurgence insurgency insurrection jacquerie levee en masse lynch law misrule mob law mob rule mobocracy mutiny nihilism ochlocracy outbreak peasant revolt primal chaos putsch rebelliousness resistance revolt revolution riot rising syndicalism tohubohu turmoil unruliness uprising


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