1. (v. i.) Pertaining to rebels or rebellion; acting in revolt; rebellious; as, rebel troops.

2. (n.) One who rebels.

3. (v. i.) To renounce, and resist by force, the authority of the ruler or government to which one owes obedience. See Rebellion.

4. (v. i.) To be disobedient to authority; to assume a hostile or insubordinate attitude; to revolt.

Bolshevik Bolshevist Bolshie Carbonarist Carbonaro Castroist Castroite Charley Communist Cong Fenian Guevarist Jacobin Leninist Maoist Marxist Mau-Mau Puritan Red Red Republican Roundhead Sinn Feiner Trotskyist Trotskyite VC Vietcong Yankee Yankee Doodle adversary agitator anarch anarchist anarcho-syndicalist antagonist antinomian apostate arise assailant attacker bellyacher bonnet rouge brawler breakaway challenge complainant complainer crab crank criminal syndicalist croaker dare debunker defy disobey dissent dissenter extreme extremist extremistic factious faultfinder flout frondeur griper grouch grouser growler grumbler heretic iconoclast insubordinate insurge insurgent insurrect insurrectionary insurrectionist insurrecto kicker kvetch malcontent maverick mount the barricades murmurer mutineer mutineering mutinous mutiny mutterer nihilist nonconformist opponent overthrow querulous person radical reactionary reactionist rebellious recusant red reluct reluctate resistance fighter resister revolt revolter revolute revolution revolutional revolutionary revolutionary junta revolutioner revolutionist revolutionize revolutionizer riot rioter riotous rise rise against rise up run riot sans-culotte sans-culottist schismatic seditionary seditious sorehead strike subversive subvert syndicalist terrorist traitor traitorous treasonable turbulent ultraist whiner


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