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1. (n.) Having the faculty of reason; endued with reason; rational; as, a reasonable being.

2. (n.) Governed by reason; being under the influence of reason; thinking, speaking, or acting rationally, or according to the dictates of reason; agreeable to reason; just; rational; as, the measure must satisfy all reasonable men.

3. (n.) Not excessive or immoderate; within due limits; proper; as, a reasonable demand, amount, price.

4. (adv.) Reasonably; tolerably.

acceptable admissible all there allowable apparent appropriate arguable balanced believable bright budget cheap clearheaded clearminded cogent commonsense compos mentis conceivable conceptive conceptual condonable consequent conservative controlled cool coolheaded credible defensible discreet discursive dispensable down-to-earth earthy easy economic economical economy equitable excusable exemptible expiable fair forgivable frugal hardheaded healthy-minded ideational inexpensive inoffensive intellectual intelligent judicious just justifiable knowing legitimate levelheaded logical low low-priced lucid manageable matter-of-fact mentally sound moderate modest noetic nominal normal not so dumb of sound mind pardonable philosophical plausible popular positivistic practical practical-minded pragmatic proper rational realist realistic reasoned remissible restrained right sane sane-minded scientific scientistic secular sensible shabby shoddy sober sober-minded sophic sound sound-minded sound-thinking straight-thinking strong-minded suitable temperate tenable thinking together token tolerable understanding unexcessive unexpensive unextravagant unextreme unideal unidealistic unobjectionable unromantic unsentimental venial vindicable warrantable well-argued well-balanced well-founded well-grounded well-thought-out wholesome wise within means within reason worldly worth the money


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