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(n.) The act of realizing, or the state of being realized.

accident accomplished fact accomplishment achievement actualization alphabet apparition appearance appearing apperception appreciation appreciativeness apprehension arising art attainment avatar awareness blueprint bringing to fruition carrying out charactering characterization chart choreography closure cognition cognizance coming coming into being coming to be coming-forth completion comprehension conception consciousness constitution consummation contingency contingent conventional representation culmination dance notation delineation demonstration depiction depictment diagram discharge disclosure dispatch distinguishment doing drama drawing effectuation emergence epiphany establishment event eventuality eventuation execution exemplification exposure fait accompli figuration formation forthcoming foundation fruition fulfillment hieroglyphic iconography identification ideogram illustration imagery imaging implementation inauguration incarnation inception incidence insight installation institution issuance letter limning logogram logograph manifestation map materialization materializing mindfulness mission accomplished musical notation noesis notation note notice occurrence opening operation organization overproduction perception perfection performance pictogram picturization plan portraiture portrayal prefigurement presentation presentment printing production productiveness projection recognition reidentification rendering rendition representation revelation rise rising schema score script sensibility setting-up showing showing forth success syllabary symbol tablature theophany topping-off understanding unfolding unfoldment writing


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