(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Rate.

abuse admonishment admonition analysis analyzing appraisal appraisement appraising appreciation apprizal approximation arrangement assailing assault assessing assessment assize assizement attack bank credit berating bitter words blackening blood book credit borrowing power bracket branch calculation cash credit caste castigation cataloging categorization category chastisement chiding clan class classification codification commercial credit computation condition consumer credit contumely correction credit credit insurance credit rating credit union determination diatribe division dual pricing echelon estate estimate estimation evaluating evaluation evaluative criticism execration filing footing gauging grade grading group grouping hard words head heading hierarchy hire purchase plan indexing installment credit installment plan instrumentation invective investment credit jawing jeremiad kin label lecture lesson level line of credit measure measurement measuring mensuration metric system never-never objurgation onslaught opinion order philippic pigeonhole pigeonholing place placement position power structure precedence predicament price determination pricing quantification quantization race ranging rank ranking rate rebuke reckoning reprehension reprimand reproach reprobation reproof reproval revilement rubric scolding screed section sept sermon set sorting spanking sphere stage standing station status strain stratification stratum subdivision subgroup suborder survey surveying tabulation tax credit taxonomy telemetering telemetry tick tirade title tongue-lashing triangulation trust typology unit pricing upbraiding valuation valuing view vilification vituperation weighing


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