1. (a.) Completely; wholly; entirely; totally; perfectly; as, the work is not quite done; the object is quite accomplished; to be quite mistaken.

2. (v.) To a great extent or degree; very; very much; considerably.

OK Roger a bit a little absolutely actually all all in all all right all told almighty alright alrighty altogether amen as you say assuredly awfully aye by all means certainly clean clearly cleverly completely considerably da decidedly definitely demonstrably entirely exactly exceedingly extremely fairly far fine for a certainty for real fully hear honestly in a measure in a way in all in all conscience in some measure in toto indeed indeedy indubitably irretrievably irrevocably it is that ja just just so kind of mais oui manifestly mightily mighty moderately most assuredly naturally naturellement noticeably observably obviously of course okay only too oui patently perfectly plain plumb positively powerful powerfully precisely pretty purely rather real really relatively right right as rain right you are righto scarcely sensibly seriously sheer significantly slightly so somewhat sort of stark sure sure thing surely terribly terrifically that is so thoroughly to a degree to be sure to some extent totally truly unambiguously undeniably undoubtedly unequivocally unmistakably unrelievedly unreservedly utterly verily very very much very well visibly well and good wholly why yes without doubt yea yeah yep yes yes indeed yes indeedy yes sir yes sirree you are right you said it you speak truly


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