1. (a.) In a state of rest or calm; without stir, motion, or agitation; still; as, a quiet sea; quiet air.

2. (a.) Free from noise or disturbance; hushed; still.

3. (a.) Not excited or anxious; calm; peaceful; placid; settled; as, a quiet life; a quiet conscience.

4. (a.) Not giving offense; not exciting disorder or trouble; not turbulent; gentle; mild; meek; contented.

5. (a.) Not showy; not such as to attract attention; undemonstrative; as, a quiet dress; quiet colors; a quiet movement.

6. (n.) The quality or state of being quiet, or in repose; as an hour or a time of quiet.

7. (a.) Freedom from disturbance, noise, or alarm; stillness; tranquility; peace; security.

8. (v. t.) To stop motion in; to still; to reduce to a state of rest, or of silence.

9. (v. t.) To calm; to appease; to pacify; to lull; to allay; to tranquillize; as, to quiet the passions; to quiet clamors or disorders; to quiet pain or grief.

10. (v. i.) To become still, silent, or calm; -- often with down; as, be soon quieted down.

Attic Buddha-like composure Oriental calm abate aesthetic allay appease arrange arrangement array artistic asleep at peace at rest ataraxia ataraxy awful silence back-door backstairs backward becalm bloodless brief broken brusque calm calm disposition calm down calm of mind calmness cease cessation chaste chastened choice choke choke off clandestine classic cloistered close close-tongued closemouthed comfort comfortable compose composed composure concise concord concordant constrained contemplation cool cool off coolheaded coolheadedness coolness countenance covert cradle creamy curt dead dead of night deathlike silence decrease delicate deploy deployment die down disposal dispose disposition domesticated dormant dovelike dulcify dumb dumbfound dwindle dwindling ease easy mind ebb ebbing echoless economical of words eggshell even out even-tenored excellent fall silent feline festal fixed flat form formation furtive gag gentle gloss golden silence grade halcyon halt harmonize harmony hidlings hierarchize hole-and-corner holiday homely housebroken hugger-mugger humble hush hush as death hush of night hush-hush hushed icy calm idle idyllic impassive imperturbability imperturbation in good taste inactive inactivity inaudibility inaudible indisposed to talk indisturbance inert iridescent isolated laconic lamblike law and order lay out layout lessen light line up lineup lucid stillness lull marmoreal repose marshal marshaling meek mellow mental composure methodize mild molder moldering mollify mother-of-pearl motionless mousy muffle mum mute muzzle nacreous nirvana noiseless noiselessness normalize of choice of quality opalescent order orderliness orderly organization organize pacific pacify pale passive pastel pastoral patinaed peace peace and quiet peace of mind peaceable peaceful peacefulness peacetime pearly philosophic composure philosophical philosophicalness philosophy pipe down piping placid placidity placidness plain pleasing pour balm into privy proportion pure put to silence quell quiesce quiescence quiescency quiescent quiet down quiet life quiet mind quieten quietism quietness quietude rank regularity regularize regulate relaxation repose reposeful reposing reserved rest restful restfulness resting restrained retired retiring rock rock to sleep routine routinize sabbatical sad sangfroid satori secluded semigloss sequestered sequestrated serene serenity set up


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