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aerobiology agrobiology amnion analysis analyzation anatomist anatomizing angiography angiology animal physiology anthropography anthropologist anthropology anthropometry anthropotomy appendicular skeleton architectonics architecture arrangement assay assaying astrobiology axial skeleton bacteriology behavioral science biochemics biochemistry biochemy bioecology biological science biology biometrics biometry bionics bionomics biophysics bladder bleb blister body body-build boll bones botany breakdown breaking down breaking up breakup build building calyx capsule carcass cell cell physiology clay clod comparative anatomy composition conchology conformation constitution construction corpus craniology craniometry creation cryobiology cybernetics cyst cytology demography diaeresis dissection division docimasy ecology electrobiology embryology entomology enzymology ethnobiology ethnography ethnologist ethnology ethology exobiology exoskeleton fabric fabrication fashion fashioning figure fistula flesh follicle forging form format formation frame gallbladder genetics geomorphology getup gnotobiotics gravimetric analysis helminthology herpetology histologist histology hulk human ecology human geography ichthyology legume life science loculus make makeup making malacology mammalogy manufacture marsupium material body microbiology mold molding molecular biology morphologist morphology myography myology organic structure organism organization organography organology ornithology osteography osteology pattern patterning pericarp person pharmacology physical body physiology physique plan pocket pod production protozoology proximate analysis psychology quantitative analysis radiobiology reduction to elements resolution sac saccule sacculus saccus science of man scrotum seedcase segmentation semimicroanalysis separation setup shape shaping silique sinus skeleton sociologist sociology soma sound splanchnography splanchnology stomach structure structuring subdivision taxidermy taxonomy tectology tectonics texture tissue torso trunk udder vasculum ventricle vesica vesicle virology warp and woof weave web xenobiology zoogeography zoography zoology zoonomy zoopathology zoophysics zootaxy zootomy


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