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1. (a.) Fitted by accomplishments or endowments.

2. (a.) Modified; limited; as, a qualified statement.

3. (imp. & p. p.) of Qualify.

a propos able acceptable accomplished ad rem adapted adept adjusted admissible altered applicable apposite appropriate apropos apt au fait becoming befitting better bound bounded boxed in capable changeable changed checked out circumscribed competent conditional conditioned confined contingent converted copyrighted cramped definite degenerate deserved desirable determined deviant disciplined divergent dovetailing earned efficient eligible enfranchised entitled equal to equipped experienced expert felicitous finite fit fitted fitted for fitting fixed geared good happy hedged hedged about hedged in hemmed in icebound improved instructed journeyman just right justified knowledgeable landlocked leavened likely limited merited meshing metamorphosed metastasized mitigated moderated modified modulated mutant narrow on the button opportune partial pat patented prepared prescribed proficient proper proscribed proved provisional ready rebuilt reformed relevant renewed reserved restricted revived revolutionary right seasonable seasoned skilled snowbound softened sortable stinted strait straitened subversive suitable suited suiting tailored talented tempered tested to the point to the purpose trained transformed translated transmuted tried unmitigated up to up to snuff warranted well-earned well-fitted well-informed well-qualified well-suited wicked windbound with voice with vote worse worthy


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