1. (a.) Prudent; wise; hence, crafty; artful; wily.

2. (a.) Characterized by ingenuity or art; finely fashioned; skillfully wrought; elegant; graceful; nice; neat.

3. (a.) Curious and fanciful; affected; odd; whimsical; antique; archaic; singular; unusual; as, quaint architecture; a quaint expression.

absurd acquaint amusing antiquated antique archaic bizarre curious droll eccentric fanciful fantastic freaked out freaky funny hilarious humorous idiosyncratic incongruous kooky laughable ludicrous odd oddball off off the wall offbeat old-fashioned out outlandish passing strange peculiar picturesque present priceless queer quizzical rich ridiculous risible screaming singular strange uncommon unconventional unearthly unorthodox unusual weird whimsical witty wondrous strange


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