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abash abashed abroad addle addle the wits adrift afflicted aggravate aggravated agitated ail air annoy annoyed appall astound astray at sea ball up balled-up be the matter becloud bedazzle befuddle beset bewilder bewildered blow out boot out bother bothered bounce bring out broach budget bug burn up cast cast down cast out chagrin chagrined chaotic chapfallen choke chuck out cloud clueless complicate matters concern confound confuse confused cost cost out damp daze dazzle defenestrate deflate detrude disaccommodate disadvantage disappoint disburse discard discharge discombobulate discomfit discomfited discomforted discommode discompose discomposed disconcert disconcerted discontent disgrace disgruntle dishearten dislodge dismay dismayed disoblige disordered disorganize disorganized disorient disoriented display displease dispossess disquieted dissatisfy distracted distraught distress distressed disturb disturbed divulge douse eject embarrass embarrassed emit employ engrave entangle evict exasperate exasperated exclude exercise exert expel expend extinguish extrude flummox flurry fluster flustered flutter fluttered fog fork out fuddle fuss fussed gall get get off get out give forth give out give the hook go through grate guessing harass harm heave out hectograph huffy humble humiliate hung up ill at ease impose upon impress imprint in a fix in a jumble in a maze in a pickle in a pother in a pucker in a scrape in a stew in a sweat in a swivet in a tizzy incommode inconvenience incur costs inflame invest irk irritate irritated issue jettison jumbled junk kick downstairs kick out lay out let down lost make known make public maze mazed miffed mimeograph mist mix up mixed-up moider mortified mortify muddle multigraph nettled obtrude off the track open the purse open up oust out out of countenance outlay overprint pay pay out peeved perplex perplexed perturb perturbed piqued plague ply pother print proof prove provoked publish pull pull a proof put about put down put forth put to bed put to inconvenience put to it put to press put to shame put to trouble put-upon puzzle quash quell quench raise hell rattle rattled reissue reject remove reprint rile roil ruffle ruffled run run off run through schedule send forth shaken shame


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