1. (n.) A pustule; a pimple.

2. (v. t.) To press against with force; to drive or impel by pressure; to endeavor to drive by steady pressure, without striking; -- opposed to draw.

3. (v. t.) To thrust the points of the horns against; to gore.

4. (v. t.) To press or urge forward; to drive; to push an objection too far.

5. (v. t.) To bear hard upon; to perplex; to embarrass.

6. (v. t.) To importune; to press with solicitation; to tease.

7. (v. i.) To make a thrust; to shove; as, to push with the horns or with a sword.

8. (v. i.) To make an advance, attack, or effort; to be energetic; as, a man must push in order to succeed.

9. (v. i.) To burst pot, as a bud or shoot.

10. (n.) A thrust with a pointed instrument, or with the end of a thing.

11. (n.) Any thrust. pressure, impulse, or force, or force applied; a shove; as, to give the ball the first push.

12. (n.) An assault or attack; an effort; an attempt; hence, the time or occasion for action.

13. (n.) The faculty of overcoming obstacles; aggressive energy; as, he has push, or he has no push.

accelerate actuate advance advance against advance upon adventuresomeness adventurousness advertise advocate aggrandize aggravated assault aggression aggressiveness ambition ambitiousness amperage amphibious attack apply pressure armed assault armipotence ask assailing assailment assault attack augment authority badger ballyhoo bang banzai attack bear bear down upon bear upon bearing beat it beef beef up beg beset besiege black power black-market black-marketeer blandish blitz blitzkrieg boost bootleg bowl breakthrough browbeat brush aside brush off brute force buck bug build bull bulldoze bully bullyrag bump bump against bunch bundle bunt burden bustle butt butt against buttonhole cajole call on call upon campaign charge charisma circle climacteric clout clutch coax coerce cogence cogency compel compound compulsion constrain constraint continue convergence of events counterattack counteroffensive coup de main cow cram crippling attack crisis critical juncture critical point crossroads crowd crucial period crunch crush dash dead set at deny depart depress descent on determination die trying dig dint dismissal dispatch diversion diversionary attack domineer dragoon drive drive on driving force drove dun duress dynamism eagerness effect effectiveness effectuality effort egg on elbow emergency encourage energy enlarge enterprise enterprisingness enthusiasm entreat exert pressure exhort exigency expand expedite extremity fence fire flank flank attack flower power foray force force majeure forcefulness forge ahead forward frontal attack full blast full force gas gas attack get get moving get-up-and-get get-up-and-go getup ginger go go ahead go all out go away go slow go-ahead go-getting go-to-itiveness goad group gumption harass haste hasten hasten on head head-on attack hie on high-pressure hinge hit the road horde hound hunch hurry hurry along hurry on hurry up hurtle hustle hustle up hype impel impetus importune impulse impulsion incentive inch forward incitation incite incitement incursion induce infiltrate infiltration influence initiative insist insist upon instigation intimidate invasion jab jam jawbone jog joggle jolt jostle kick launch launch an attack leave light out lightning attack lightning war lobby lot magnify main force main strength make make things hum mana march against march upon mass attack megadeath might might and main


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