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1. (n.) The act of purging; the act of clearing, cleansing, or purifying, by separating and carrying off impurities, or whatever is superfluous; the evacuation of the bowels.

2. (n.) The clearing of one's self from a crime of which one was publicly suspected and accused. It was either canonical, which was prescribed by the canon law, the form whereof used in the spiritual court was, that the person suspected take his oath that he was clear of the matter objected against him, and bring his honest neighbors with him to make oath that they believes he swore truly; or vulgar, which was by fire or water ordeal, or by combat. See Ordeal.

BM Day of Atonement Yom Kippur abreaction absolution abstersion acquittal acquittance acting-out asceticism bloody flux bowdlerization bowel movement catharsis cleaning cleansing clearance clearing cold purgatorial fires compurgation crap defecation dejection deliverance destigmatization destigmatizing detersion diarrhea discharge disculpation dismissal dry cleaning dysentery emotional release evacuation exculpation excuse exoneration explanation expurgation fasting flagellation flux forgiveness freeing hair shirt intermission justification lientery loose bowels lustration maceration mortification motor abreaction movement outlet pardon penance penitence penitential act penitential exercise psychocatharsis psychodrama purgatory purge purging purification quietus quittance rationalization rehabilitation reinstatement release release therapy remission removal repentance reprieve respite restoration runs sackcloth and ashes shit shits steam cleaning stool surcease suspension trots turistas verdict of acquittal vindication voidance


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