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(a.) Capable of pulsating; throbbing.

Waterloo abrasion alternate arrhythmia atomization attrition bang barrage bash bastinado basting bat battery beat belt belting biff blow bonk brecciation buffeting cadenced cadent caning chop circling clicking clip clout clubbing clump collapse comminution conquering conquest corporal punishment cowhiding crack crash crumbling crushing cudgeling cut cyclic dance dash deathblow debacle defeasance defeat destruction detrition dig dint disintegration downfall drub drubbing drum drum music drumbeat drumfire drumming epochal even every other failure fall flagellation flailing flap flicker flit flitter flogging flop flutter fluttering fragmentation fusillade fustigation granulation granulization grating grinding heartbeat heartthrob hiding hit horsewhipping in numbers in rhythm intermittent isochronal jab knock lacing lambasting lashing lathering levigation lick licking mashing mastery measured metric metronomic oscillatory overcoming overthrow overturn palpitant palpitation paradiddle patter pelt periodical pistol-whipping pitapat pitter-patter plunk poke pound pounding powdering pulsatile pulsating pulsation pulsative pulsatory pulse pulsing punch quietus quiver rap rat-a-tat rat-tat rat-tat-tat rataplan rattattoo rawhiding reciprocal recurrent recurring rhythm rhythmic roll rotary rout rub-a-dub ruff ruffle ruin scourging seasonal serial shake shellacking shredding slam slog slug smack smash smashing sock spanking spatter spattering splutter spluttering sputter sputtering staccato steady strapping stripes stroke subdual subduing subjugation swat swing swingeing swipe switching tat-tat tattoo tempo thrashing throb throbbing thrum thrumming thump thumping thwack ticking tom-tom trimming trituration trouncing truncheoning undoing undulant undulatory vanquishment wavelike waver whack wheeling whipping whop yerk


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