1. (v. t.) To mix and stir when wet, as clay for bricks, pottery, etc.

2. (v. t.) To fill or stop with clay by tamping; to fill in or spread with mortar, as a floor or partition, for the purpose of deadening sound. See Pugging.

3. (n.) Tempered clay; clay moistened and worked so as to be plastic.

4. (n.) A pug mill.

5. (n.) An elf, or a hobgoblin; also same as Puck.

6. (n.) A name for a monkey.

7. (n.) A name for a fox.

8. (n.) An intimate; a crony; a dear one.

9. (n.) Chaff; the refuse of grain.

10. (n.) A prostitute.

11. (n.) One of a small breed of pet dogs having a short nose and head; a pug dog.

12. (n.) Any geometrid moth of the genus Eupithecia.

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