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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Prowl.

2. (a.) Accustomed to prowl, or engaged in roving stealthily, as for prey.

Australian crawl abound all fours amble andante aquaplaning aquatics backstroke balneation bathe bathing bend the knee blister bootlick bow bow and scrape breaststroke butterfly castigate claudicate claudication couch cower crawling creep creeping cringe crouch dead march diving dog paddle dogtrot drag drag along drag on drag out edge excoriate fawn feel creepy feel funny fin fishtail flapper flatter flay flipper floating flow footpace funeral march go dead slow go on go on tiptoe go slow grovel gumshoe gumshoeing have gooseflesh have the creeps hobble hug the earth idle inch inch along jog jog trot jog-trot kneel kowtow lay laze leisurely gait lick the dust lickspittle lie lie down lie flat lie limply lie low lie prone lie prostrate lie under limp linger linger on loll lounge lumbering pace mincing steps mosey natation nightwalk nightwalking pad padding plod poke poke along prowl prowling pullulate pussyfoot pussyfooting rack recline repose roast saunter scathe scorch scrabble scramble shamble shuffle shuffle along sidestroke sidle sidling slam slide slink slinking slouch slow march slow motion snake snaking sneak sneaking sprawl squat squirm stagger along steal steal along stealing stoop stroll surfboarding surfing swarm swim swimming tarry teem tippytoe tiptoe tiptoeing toadeat toady toddle toddle along totter along traipse treading water truckle trudge underlie waddle wading walk waterskiing wear on wiggle worm worm along worming wriggle


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