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1. (a.) Lying at length, or with the body extended on the ground\ or other surface; stretched out; as, to sleep prostrate.

2. (a.) Lying at mercy, as a supplicant.

3. (a.) Lying in a humble, lowly, or suppliant posture.

4. (a.) Trailing on the ground; procumbent.

5. (v. t.) To lay fiat; to throw down; to level; to fell; as, to prostrate the body; to prostrate trees or plants.

6. (v. t.) to overthrow; to demolish; to destroy; to deprive of efficiency; to ruin; as, to prostrate a village; to prostrate a government; to prostrate law or justice.

7. (v. t.) To throw down, or cause to fall in humility or adoration; to cause to bow in humble reverence; used reflexively; as, he prostrated himself.

8. (v. t.) To cause to sink totally; to deprive of strength; to reduce; as, a person prostrated by fever.

abject accumbent adorant adoring afflict aggrieve all in anguish backscratching beat beat down beat up beaten bedfast bedridden beggarly bend blow down blow over bone-weary bootlicking bow and scrape bow down bowl down bowl over break break down bring down bring low bring to tears broken broken-down brokenhearted brought down brought low bulldog bulldoze burn down burn out bushed cast down chop down confined conquer conquered couch couchant couche cowering crawl crawling cringe cringing crippled crouched crouching crush crushed cut down cut up dash dash down dashed dead dead-and-alive dead-tired deadbeat debased debilitate deck decumbent deferential deflate demoralize demoralized depressed desolate desolated devotional devout disabled disarm disarmed disqualified do in do up dog-tired dog-weary done done in done up down downcast downthrown drained draped draw tears drop embitter enchain enervate exhaust exhausted fag fag out fagged out fallen fatigue fatigued fawning fell felled fetch down flag flat flatten flattened flattering floor floored footlicking frazzle gag gone grieve ground grovel groveling hamstring hamstrung handcuff hangdog harass heart-stricken heart-struck heartbroken helpless hew down hobble hog-tie hog-tied horizontal hospitalized hot humble humbled imploring impotent in childbed in hospital in the dust incapacitated ingratiating inundate inundated invalidated invalided jade knee-high kneel knock down knock out knock over knock up knocked flat knocked out kowtow laid low laid up lay level lay low lay out level lie down lolling lounging low low-built low-hung low-level low-leveled low-lying low-set low-statured lowered lying lying down manacle master mastered mealymouthed mow down muzzle neap neurasthenic obeisant obsequious on bended knee oppress overcome overfatigue overpower overpowered override overstrain overtire overweary overwhelm overwhelmed paralyze paralyzed parasitic played out poop poop out pooped pooped out powerless prayerful precative precatory precipitate procumbent prone prostrate before prostrated psych out pull down put down quell quelled rase raze ready to drop recline reclining recumbent reduce reduced reduced to jelly reposing resupine reverent reverential ride down ruin ruined runty send headlong servile shake shaken short shot to pieces


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