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1. (n.) A new convert especially a convert to some religion or religious sect\, or to some particular opinion, system, or party; thus, a Gentile converted to Judaism, or a pagan converted to Christianity, is a proselyte.

2. (v. t.) To convert to some religion, opinion, or system; to bring over.

Christian God-fearing man accepter apostate apostle backslider believer bolter catechumen churchgoer churchite churchman collaborationist collaborator communicant convert daily communicant defector deserter devotee devotionalist disciple fanatic fifth columnist follower good Christian mugwump neophyte pietist quisling receiver recidivist recreant religionist renegade renegado renegate reversionist runagate saint schismatic seceder secessionist separatist strikebreaker tergiversant tergiversator theist traitor truster turnabout turncoat turntail votary zealot


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