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1. (a.) Adjusted to something else; commensurate; balanced; proportional\.

2. (v.) To make proportional; to adjust according to a settled rate, or to due comparative relation; to proportion; as, to proportionate punishment to crimes.

accordant adequate affinitive affirmative agreeable agreeing alike ample answerable appertaining associative at one at par au pair barely sufficient coexistent coexisting coherent coincident coinciding commensurate comparable comparative compatible competent concordant concurring conformable congenial congruent congruous connective consentaneous consentient consistent consonant cooperating cooperative correlative correspondent corresponding decent distributional distributive drawn due en rapport enough equal equal to equalized equivalent even even stephen fifty-fifty fit good good enough half half-and-half halvers harmonious in accord in agreement in rapport in sync in synchronization inaccordance inharmony knotted level like like-minded linking minimal minimum nip and tuck of a piece of like mind of one mind on a footing on a level on a par on all fours on even ground par particular per capita per head pertaining pertinent plenty plenty good enough positive pro rata proportionable proportional prorated quits reconcilable referable referring relating relational relative respective satisfactory satisfying self-consistent several square stalemated substantial sufficient sufficient for sufficing suitable symbiotic sympathetic synchronized synchronous tied unanimous uniform unisonant unisonous up to


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