1. (n.) A limit of time given for payment of an account for produce purchased, this limit varying with different goods. See Prompt-note.

2. (v. t.) To assist or induce the action of; to move to action; to instigate; to incite.

3. (v. t.) To suggest; to dictate.

4. (v. t.) To remind, as an actor or an orator, of words or topics forgotten.

accordant acquiescent admonish adumbrate affect affirmative agile agog agreeable agreeing aide-memoire alacritous alert alive all agog allude to amenable animated anxious approving apt ardent argue into arouse assenting attentive avid awake awaken bend bias breakneck breathless bright bring bring about bring around bring to recollection brisk broad hint bursting to cajole call forth call up carry carry back cause caution charge clue coax color compliable compliant consentient consenting content convince cooperative cue cursory dashing decide decisive desirous determine dispatchful dispose disposed docile double-quick draw drop a hint eager eagle-winged egg on elicit encourage endorsing engage enjoin enlist enthusiastic evoke exhort expeditious expostulate express fain fast favorable favorably disposed favorably inclined festinate feverish flapper fleet flying forward full of life furious galloping game gentle hint gesture get get to do give a hint give rise to give the cue glance at glimmer glimmering goad hair-trigger hasty headlong help hint hint at hold the promptbook hurried hustling immediate impatient impel implication imply in the mind in the mood incite incline inclined index indicate indication induce influence inkling innuendo insinuate insinuation inspire instant instantaneous interest in intimate intimation issue a caveat jog the memory jogger keen kick last-minute lead light of heel light-footed lively look lure memorandum mercurial minded motivate move muster up nag nimble nimble-footed nod nothing loath nudge occasion on the on the alert on the ball on the job on the spot on time panting passing permissive persuade pliant preach precipitate predispose predisposed prevail prevail on prevail upon prick procure prod prompt the mind prompter prompting prone propel provoke punctual put in mind put in remembrance qui vive quick quick as lightning quick as thought rapid raring to ratifying ready ready and willing recall receptive reckless remember remembrance remembrancer remind remind one of reminder remonstrate responsive rouse running sanctioning scent sharp sic sign signal slap-bang slapdash sleepless smart snap snappy soften up spanking speedy spirited spoor spry spur stimulate stimulus submissive suggest suggestion summary summon up superficial suspicion sway


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