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1. (n.) A throwing or shooting forward; a jutting out\.

2. (n.) A jutting out; also, a part jutting out, as of a building; an extension beyond something else.

3. (n.) The act of scheming or planning; also, that which is planned; contrivance; design; plan.

4. (n.) The representation of something; delineation; plan; especially, the representation of any object on a perspective plane, or such a delineation as would result were the chief points of the object thrown forward upon the plane, each in the direction of a line drawn through it from a given point of sight, or central point; as, the projection of a sphere. The several kinds of projection differ according to the assumed point of sight and plane of projection in each.

5. (n.) Any method of representing the surface of the earth upon a plane.

Lambert conformal projection Mercator projection Miller projection acting actualization aeronautical chart alienation alphabet archery art astronomical chart atlas autism autistic thinking avoidance mechanism azimuthal equidistant projection azimuthal projection bas-relief beetling bellying blame-shifting blueprint boldness brouillon buffoonery bulge bulging bump bunch business calculation cartographer cartography cartoon casting celestial chart celestial globe charactering characterization chart choreography chorographer chorography chucking climatic chart cog comb compensation conic projection contour line contour map conventional representation copy crag cylindrical projection dance notation decompensation defense mechanism delineation demonstration depiction depictment dereism dereistic thinking design diagram displacement display dissociation draft drama drawing ebauche elevation embossment eminence emotional insulation enactment escape escape into fantasy escape mechanism escapism esquisse estimate excrescence excrescency exemplification exhibit exhibition exposition exposure extension exteriorization externalization extrapolation extrusion fang fantasizing fantasy figuration figure firing flange flight flinging forecast gag game plan general reference map gibbosity gibbousness globe gnomonic projection graph graphic scale grid line ground plan gunnery hachure ham hammy acting harrow heaving heliographic chart hieroglyphic high relief hoke hokum hook house plan hurling hydrographic chart ichnography iconography ideogram illustration imagery imaging impendence impendency impersonation index isolation isoline jaculation jag jut jutting knob latitude layer tint ledge legend letter limning lobbing logogram logograph longitude low relief map map maker map projection mapper mapping meridian mimesis mimicking mimicry miming mummery musical notation musketry negativism notation objectification opening ostentation outcropping outline outlining overacting overcompensation overhang overhanging pantomiming parallel patter pattern peak pecten performance performing personation photogrammetrist photogrammetry photomap phototopography physical map pictogram picturization pitching plan planning playacting playing plot point political map polyconic projection portraiture portrayal prediction prefigurement presentation presenting presentment printing production profile prognostication project prolongation prominence proposal proposition prospectus protrusion protuberance protuberancy psychotaxis rake ratchet rationalization realization reckoning relief relief map rendering rendition representation representative fraction resistance retrospective ridge road map rough salience salient sawtooth scale scenario schema scheme


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