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1. (a.) Pouring forth with fullness or exuberance; bountiful; giving in abundance; as, profuse hospitality\.

2. (a.) Superabundant; excessive; prodigal; lavish; as, profuse expenditure.

3. (v. t.) To pour out; to give or spend liberally; to lavish; to squander.

abounding abundant affluent aggrandized alive with all-sufficing ample amplified aplenty ballyhooed bighearted bottomless bounteous bountiful bristling bursting considerable copious crawling crowded crowding diffuse diffusive disproportionate dissipative easy come easy go effuse effusive epidemic exaggerated excessive exhaustless exorbitant extravagant extreme exuberant fat fecund fertile flush formless free freehanded freehearted fruitful full galore generous giving gracious grandiloquent greathearted gushing gushy handsome high-flown hospitable hyperbolic immoderate in plenty in profusion in quantity incontinent inexhaustible inflated inordinate intemperate jam-packed jammed large largehearted lavish liberal lush luxuriant magnanimous magnified many maximal much munificent numerous open openhanded openhearted opulent overdone overdrawn overemphasized overemphatic overestimated overflowing overgenerous overgreat overlarge overlavish overliberal overpraised oversold overstated overstressed overwrought packed penny-wise and pound-foolish plenitudinous plenteous plentiful plenty pleonastic populous pound-foolish prevailing prevalent princely prodigal productive profligate profusive proliferating prolific puffed rampant redundant reiterative repetitive replete rich rife riotous running over spendthrift stintless stretched studded superabundant superlative swarming tautologous teeming thick thick as hail thick with thick-coming thriving thronged thronging touted ungrudging unselfish unsparing unstinted unstinting wasteful wealthy well-found well-furnished well-provided well-stocked wholesale


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